Working all day? Having houseguests? Taking a short trip? Or simply wanting to pamper your pet? If any of these apply, make a reservation for Daycare for your pet! If you are wondering what dog day care or cat day care is, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Sometimes your pet needs a place to stay for the day, and Longview Boarding & Grooming is here to help. We offer an incredible deal, at only $22/day. The same requirements for boarding apply to day care reservations, so your pet must be vaccinated, in good health and flea- and tick-free. Your pet can be dropped off and picked up during open hours. No reservation is required for daycare, you can simply stop by, unless it is peak holiday hours.

Pets Learn to Socialize While Getting Exercise

Longview believes socialization and exercise are important for your pet to be happy, healthy, and high-spirited. Daycare for your cat or dog can benefit your pet by providing them with a chance to exercise and engage in socialization when they otherwise may have been left at home alone. At our kennel, we pair dogs with other dogs of similar size, age and temperament so they can play and spend the day frolicking together. Many customers report that their dogs are always reluctant to leave their new best friends! Daycare is available for both cats and dogs.