Cat Boarding

Longview knows that cats are divine creatures, but are prone to being picky! We treat our cats to a comfortable, flexible space to explore or relax as they please. Your precious friend enjoys a view out of a picture window, so he or she can bird watch, sunbathe, and listen to the sound of nature at ease. Our employees are informed of the cat’s preferences and take special care to know each of their needs. The cat area is cleaned at least twice a day and all litter boxes are changed and cleaned out at least twice a day as well.


Longview carries generic dry and wet cat food. There will be an additional $2/day added to your final bill if you decide to use Longview’s food. We highly suggest you bring your cat’s food for their stay to avoid stomach upset.


Longview will also administer medication as necessary to your cat. Please bring the medication in the original bottle with dosage needed.


If your cat has any allergies or sensitivities to litter, please provide what your pet is used to. We use a generic product for our litter. Also, let the staff know at drop off if your cat has issues related to the use of the litter box.