Longview strives to be a home away from home for your dog(s)! At Longview, we provide safe, spacious indoor/outdoor runs for all dogs, big and small. All dogs are provided attention, love, and care by an experienced staff. The dogs know we love them and often wait by the door to go into the facility and give one more goodbye before leaving. Any medications, special food preferences, or other specific treatment for your dog is taken into account and administered with love, our guarantee. Due to all dogs having an indoor/outdoor space, we have the same rate for all dogs, regardless of size. Click on “Rates & Information” for more details.


We serve Iams products. If your pet eats a product other than Iams, we suggest you bring your own dog food from home. A change in your dog’s normal diet can cause stomach upset. All pups get Sportmix Biscuits at bedtime, unless otherwise specified.


Medications can absolutely be administered if needed. Please bring all medications in their original containers with medication name and dose instructions. We carry cheese, peanut butter, Pill Pockets and meaty food chunks to give pill-form medication.

The Buddy System

At Longview, we believe dogs are happiest when they are socializing and interacting with other happy pups. Dogs are pack animals by nature and like to have a friend to stay with. This doggie socialization helps make your pet’s stay more enjoyable and alleviates any separation anxiety some pets may experience. Therefore, we use a Buddy System for single dog families, meaning we will buddy your dog with another single dog of similar size, age and personality in an indoor/outdoor run. The utmost care and attention is given to correctly matching dogs. Many of our customers come to Longview strictly because we give this social opportunity to their dogs.

Pre-Boarding Interviews

Interviews are only necessary for single-dog families and when boarding at peak holiday times..  Multiple dog families can board together in a run. Interviews take about 20 minutes. To set up an interview, please call us at (248)-879-0420. There is a double charge if your dog requires single (alone) boarding during peak boarding times. Longview reserves the right to refuse aggressive pets for boarding.